Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Guns N' Roses Album = Free Dr. Pepper

Apparently, back in March, Dr. Pepper announced that if Guns N' Roses actually released their new album in 2008, then they would give away free Dr. Pepper. Talk about your all time backfires...

Guns N' Roses started recording this album almost a decade and a half ago, in 1994, so thinking that it would be delayed even further was not too much of a stretch. However, "Chinese Democracy" dropped today so Tony Jacobs, VP of Marketing for Dr. Pepper only had this to say: "We never thought this day would come, but now that it is, all we can say is: 'The Dr. Pepper's on us.'"

Get your free coupon on Dr. Pepper's website for TODAY ONLY: click here.

Get the new Guns N' Roses album at your local Best Buy or through iTunes just in time to set the mood at Thanksgiving dinner.


Tom Whalen said...

If it's all the same to you I think I prefer Vivaldi or Bach over Axl Rose for Thursday's dinner.

KW said...

You say potato, I say potato.