Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's the Final Countdown

By the way, you ever see that show, The Singing Bee? The band leader announces the final round singing, "It's the final countdownnnn!!"...and he's awesome.

Anyway, it is the final countdown...24 hours until the Thanksgiving 5K race and I'm getting butterflies already (or is that just the coffee sitting in my empty stomach?) I've definitely been working out more lately than at this time last year (last year I did a lot of 12 oz. curls); however, I never have and never will be a good long distance runner (some of you may be thinking, "well, 5K isn't really long distance"...well it is for me so BACK OFF!) I'm a little worried about my father's fitness level right now. He ran a 5K while he was in Hawaii last week and referred to it as "the final step in his training phase." He has phases!!

I think my problem is mostly mental. I get bored of running after a while. My iPod keeps me going sometimes; in the homestretch last year, I kept playing the beginning of the song by Avenged Sevenfold..."Bat Country." I think the song and group are ridiculous but he does bellow out a pretty cool progressive howl in the beginning of the song. Tonight, I'll have to put together a new playlist...anyone have suggestions?

Wish me luck!


Mike said...


Gonna Fly Now (theme from Rocky) - Bill Conti
Holding Out For a Hero (from Footloose) - Bonny Tyler
You're the Best (from the Karate Kid) - Joe Esposito
Break the Ice (from R.A.D.) - John Farnham
No Easy Way Out (from Rocky) - Robert Tepper
The Touch (from the ORIGINAL Transformers movie, later mocked in Boogie Nights) - Stan Bush
Eye of the Tiger (from Rocky) - Survivor
Burning Heart (from Rocky) - Survivor
The Moment of Truth (from the Karate Kid) - Survivor
Montage - Team America World Police Soundtrack
Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Kill Bill, Vol1 Soundtrack

...and of course, in keeping with the theme of this post...
The Final Countdown - Europe

David Oblas said...

haha 12 oz. curls... nice...

SO WHO WON!?!?!?