Friday, November 9, 2007

Attack of the Soy Sauce

Before I head out today, I'll add another post, more for the delight of my co-workers than myself. We ate at a Japanese restaurant yesterday which was a very fulfilling lunch, and it ended up being much more fulfilling for Kathryn, Gail, Dave, and Josh (he's our programmer). I excluded myself from the added fulfillment because what I got was unnecessary laundry duty.

Everyone jokes about Dave spilling things on his pants so much that he was forced to buy stain-free pants. The joke was on me yesterday though. I don't know if our waiter just didn't like me or what but he managed to spill soy sauce down the full side of my right leg - I don't think any more khaki area could have been covered considering the amount of soy sauce. The situation probably would have been much more awkward had it not been met with an outburst of laughter from everyone at the table. The waiter felt so bad that he gave me a piece of cake.

So watch out for the soy sauce everyone!


David Oblas said...

hahahaha! time to go to kohls for some stain-free pants!!!

Gail said...

As one of the fellow diners who witnessed the attack, I can say that the clumsy waiter unwittingly gave us a hilarious memory. I realize that having a camera there makes it appear that we staged the accident. Honestly, we couldn't have planned it better than the way it happened! I think the best way to remove that stain will be to cover it with tomato sauce, let it dry and then wash the pants in cold water. If that doesn't work, you can cut the legs off your pants and wear them as shorts in the summer. Good luck!