Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Marketing to the Inner Child of Adults

If you're an adult, do you take a daily vitamin?

If not, why not?

If instead of a rather large pill, it was a gummy, would you be more inclined to take one?

I know I would, which is why I love the new product launch from "One-A-Day" multivitamins. I've gone on spurts on and off taking pill-form multivitamins from this brand (I'm currently on the "off" phase, evidenced by the collected dust on my current bottle) but I have a feeling I'll be kept more on track if I get some of their new "One A Day VitaCravesTM". Now everyone who feels too embarrassed to get the Flintstones gummies at the supermarket can get their playful kick while still "acting as an adult consumer."

Interested? There's even a coupon on their site to try them out: click here.

There should be more products like this - adults shouldn't have to live so seriously all the time. I'm not asking for an "Ages 21+" product line of Nerf Guns (although that'd be amazing), but I'm pretty confident that something fun like some vitamin gummies for adults won't hurt anyone.

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KW said...

Just wanted to make an update on this product...

After NOT seeing it at 2 different drug stores, I found it at a grocery store...

The kicker is that for pretty much the same price as 100-count pill-form One-A-Days, these "Vita-Craves" come in bottles of 50 "gummies." And they instruct you to chew 2 a day. So you're paying 4x as much for arguably worse vitamin intake...

So to sum up, great idea...bad execution.